Window Spraying vs Window Wrapping

July 17, 2023 | BespokeSprayUK

Window Spraying vs Window Wrapping

In this blog post we will look into Window Spraying vs Window Wrapping and which one would be the best choice for cost and longevity.

There are different methods that can be done when choosing to change the colour of your uPVC windows and rejuvenate them. The two most prominent choices are vinyl wrapping and spray painting these.

These are two completely different methods but both achieve a flawless finish that will leave your uPVC Windows looking brand new.

This can be done in a huge range of colours and can really change the aesthetics of your home.

Let’s take a little look at both of them and the pros and cons…

uPVC Window Wrapping

Vinyl wrapping has been mainly used for covering cars in the past but in the recent years it has branched out and now being used for the use of uPVC Window Wrapping.

The problem with this choice is that Vinyl Wrapping doesn’t age very well and typically lasts 3 – 6 years so can just be a temporary fix to change the appearance of your home or business.

When choosing to Wrap your Windows, it is recommended to only use the best quality of materials out there and use the best trained fitter to ensure a good result is delivered.

A roll of vinyl of this quality can be quite expensive and run in to big figures before considering the price of a professional fitter to apply it.

Making sure a fully trained fitter applies the vinyl is important because something to consider is that over time moisture can gather underneath resulting in the vinyl being lifted off the frames.

Vinyl Wrapping comes with a 5 year guarantee and rarely lasts longer.

Many contractors and homeowners recommend Spraying them over this option because this is a cheaper option and can be done in half the time it takes to Vinyl Wrap them considerably reducing the labour and cost required to complete each unit. Not only this but Spraying them will be long lasting and will protect your uPVC for years to come from UV exposure/ weather damage and protection against any cracking, fading or peeling.

 uPVC Window Spraying

Window Spraying vs Window Wrapping

uPVC Window Spraying has become increasingly popular over the last 5 years giving home owners the chance to change the look of their property entirely at a low cost.

This option leaves a floorless finish on your Windows and is very hardwearing compared to alternative options including the choice of Window Wrapping.

The high quality paints used for Spraying uPVC protects your frames and gives a perfect finish that will look like you have just had brand new ones installed.

Spraying your uPVC Windows comes with a much better guarantee and is done much quicker than wrapping them saving you money. Wrapping a uPVC Window typically takes 4 hours whereas spraying can be done in half of this time.

There is endless choice of colour including all of RAL/ BS/ Farrow & Ball  Colour charts. We can also colour match if there was a specific taste.

Benefits of uPVC Spraying

Choosing the Right Colours for UPVC Windows & Doors

  • Much cheaper option
  • Much longer lasting
  • Can be completed in half the time
  • Thousand of colours to choose from or colour matched
  • More durable option
  • 3 different finished can be achieved in matt, satin and gloss

There are many other parts to your home that can be Re-Sprayed to leave a factory finish whilst saving huge amounts of money. Some of these include

Long-lasting results: Enjoy vibrant colours that resist against fading, chipping, and peeling, keeping your units looking stunning for many years.

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