Terms & Conditions

Any quotation made by BespokeSprayUK will remain valid for 60 days. After this time period, the prices may be altered based on RPI/ cost of materials.

All quotations are subject to a minimum order charge.

We require a 20% deposit upon booking to cover part of the material costs.

In the event that the project proposal is altered or additional work is added, BespokeSprayUK reserve the right to alter the fees and date of completion.

If the buyer decides to cancel less than 48 hours before delivery of the work/goods, any deposit will be withheld and you may still be liable to pay the remaining amount agreed to cover our loss and costs.

Force majeure:
External spraying is weather permitting and sometimes we can have restrictions due to rain/cold temperatures which will affect our spraying. We will not be held responsible for any delay or default caused by the acts of God, however, if this should occur we will continue our work on the next available day.

Should the client insist we continue to carry out work we cannot be held responsible for the finish or appearance.

We assume the client/ end client has made all of the relevant preparations in ensuring we have a reasonable parking vicinity close to the work areas, and a safe space with no obstacles that may prevent or delay our work.

We require a minimum of 2.5 meter clearance from the units for safe working.

No other work that creates a large amount of dust should be done during the whole time we are on site.

Our work involves spraying a paint system at high velocity so we ask the client to make preparations by removing any cars/high-value items and informing any neighbours or businesses within the immediate vicinity to do the same during the time we are on-site to prevent any overspray landing on vehicles/ items.
We keep the mist to a minimum and do all we can to prevent this but in the event it should occur and if it is clear that preparations by the client/ end client have not been made, we will not be held responsible for any overspray.

We do not guarantee previously sprayed units but, however we will take extra preparation work and efforts to ensure it lasts. We only use the best materials for all work carried out.

We use a range of making materials to cover the areas that are not to be sprayed. Although we take every care possible to not leave any disruption around the surfaces, on occasions damage may occur to wallpapered surfaces or newly painted walls when we remove these. We will not be held responsible for these unavoidable occurrences.

It is known that uPVC door panels can expand in extreme heat and can therefore sometimes leave a thin line of the previous colour revealing until the door goes back down to size within its normal working parameters. We can not be held responsible for this, but we can leave a pot of paint should this occur and you wish to touch up these areas before they shrink back down.

Post spray:
After we have completed the spraying job on your units we ask you to take care of them for a minimum of seven days to allow these to fully cure. They are most vulnerable within the first 48 hours to damage although touch dry within minutes. Adhesive polythene films etc.. should not be used and any callouts due to this will incur a charge.

Failure to complete:
If we arrive on-site and for any reasons that are out of our control we cannot complete the work due to obstacles/ delays etc.. then we reserve the right to charge a fee of £500 plus vat to cover our costs for the day

All payments must be paid in full on completion of work by card, cash or bank transfer. If failure is made to complete the full amount due 30 days after the work has finished, we reserve the right to charge interest at 2% per day on any balance remaining.